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Data, Not Intuition or Opinion.

Unique opportunities and challenges exist as a result of the availability and accessibility of services, amenities, demographics, businesses, infrastructure, and the local economy. At URBAN4M, we do the heavy lifting of verifying, aggregating and analyzing these and other types of data so that you can empower your decision making.

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Custom is Key (and King)

People and businesses have unique sets of needs and interests. The ability to select preferences and customize criteria that represent your interests is critical to making our data and analytics relevant to you. Customization is at the core of our solutions because we understand what works for some does not always work for others.

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Redefining Boundaries

Standard geographic boundaries like city lines and zip codes have purpose but also have limited significance for everyday life and decision making. We’ve introduced PLACE to redefine boundaries that work best for your needs, interests and lifestyle. PLACE is a unique footprint defined by your criteria that gives you new insight and perspective.

For Consumers and Businesses:

About Place

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neighborhoods that best match your interests!

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For Developers:

About Place API

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