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Use data, not just intuition or opinion.

Unique opportunities and challenges exist in every location as a result of the availability and accessibility of multiple services and amenities; demographics, businesses, infrastructure, and the local economy are among the many factors that we use to understand the unique footprint of a geographic area.

URBAN4M aggregates data from multiple verified sources to provide you with a versatile, comprehensive understanding of location. We help you visualize the complex dynamics that drive a location’s inner workings and current conditions.

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The latest “it” location might not be the “it” location for you.

People and businesses have unique sets of needs and interests; evaluating a location(s) with only preset criteria of what makes a place work limits the flexibility of your solutions.

The ability for users to select their individual preferences and customize criteria is critical to making our data and analytics relevant to you. The possibilities are endless when you power your search with customized and reliable data.

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The whole view of data is greater than the sum of fragmented parts.

Our platform aggregates and streamlines data to create a powerful analytic instrument for your toolkit, including the ability to add your data and see it come to life.

We analyze geospatial relationships, convert raw data into useful information and provide meaningful context so you can quickly get a detailed picture of a location or area and make the data work for you.

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